Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Look Younger In 5 Minutes

Make your face look younger! Get of the signs of aging, smooth out wrinkles and fill in hollows under your eyes, by using this easy, clever, natural, technique! Doesn't matter whether you're in your 30's or 60's Recapture lost muscle tone, regain your youthful looks, and infuse your complexion with natural beauty! This is possible by have a superior blood supply to the blood vessels just below the surface of the skin! A good blood supply is vital for your face to take on a more youthful and glowing appearance! The best way to increase the blood supply to your face is by giving it a deep massage! If done regularly it will improve skins elasticity, smooth wrinkles, prevent wrinkles, tone your face muscles, and improve your complexion! Step 1: Cleanse your skin, apply toner, and apply your moisturizer but just smooth it on DON'T rub it in! * Never attemp to massage without some type of moisturizer or oil!* Step 2: Place both hands flat on your face and with your fingertips massage the moisturizer into your skin, using firm, circular, upard movements! *the upward direction is crucial to achieve natural results! Never go down or drag the skin! Step 3: At the same time do the following, hold your head up, chin thrust forward, mouth open and your eyes wide open to smooth your skin Step 4: For the hollows under your eyes use your usual eye cream on both middle fingers tense the muscles in the lower lids and at the same time massage the cream into yourskin in circular upwards movements only! Step 5: Make the massage as firm and deep as you can, but do your best not to pull or drag your skin! Your fingers must glide easily across your face, but at the same time must create friction and warmth! Do your entire face including the forehead, hairline, chin, jaw and jaw line! Do this daily! Please take before and after pictures! Wait around a month before you take the after picture! Then email the pictures to me at Martisa05@gmail.com and ill post them!

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