Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NightTime Makeup

Eye Shadow For nighttime you should choose medium to dark shades of eye shadow! You can use dark purples, charcoals, and black! You can even Glam it with a little glitter across the bottom of the top eye lid! This is also your chance to do a Smokey eye!
Eye Liner Eye Liner is simple! Just use black eye liner and use it a little heavier!
Mascaraj Use a mascara that gives you length and volume! Use black and be sure its not to thick or clumpy!
Lips: This is your chance to wear the new red lipstick you've been dying to try! Wear darker lipsticks or lip glosses! Be a little bold!
Foundation Foundation doesn't change much! You can wear it a little darker not much though!

  • Also try some shimmer/glitter lotion, gel, or cream! Apply it to your collar bone, shoulders, and shins! If you follow the above you should end up with a flawless, sexy glamorous, nighttime look! Email me your pictures my top 3 favorites will be posted and my absolute favorite will win a prize!

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