Saturday, July 7, 2012

How To Hide Blemishes and Look Your Best

It never fails any time you have a party, date, meeting, or other important even scheduled, you will look in the mirror and find a very obvious pimple on your face. The next time this happens to you, do not freak out. There are many ways to quickly and effectively hide your pimples so you can go about your business looking your absolute best. Here are some tips for helping you quickly hide those occasional zits: Finding the Right ConcealersSince so many makeup products contain oils and other irritating ingredients that can worsen acne, it is important to choose quality products for your cover up efforts. Read labels carefully and make sure to buy products that offer a high level of coverage coupled with acne-fighting ingredients. For the best possible results, buy concealer, foundation, and powder that are designed to work with each other. Be sure to get the shade that matches your skin tone, as too-dark or too-light shades will draw more attention to any blemishes. How to Perform the Perfect Cover UpWash your face with a gentle face cleanser and rinse well. Gently pat the skin dry. If you are using any type "of acne medication, apply it and allow it to soak in. Apply concealer with a sponge or makeup brush. Avoid using your fingers, which can spread germs and oil that cause acne. Instead, dab the concealer directly onto the blemish and blend it carefully with a brush or sponge. Allow the concealer to dry thoroughly before continuing. Carefully dab on foundation with a makeup sponge, taking special care to not disturb the concealer. If the blemish needs additional foundation, dab it on, blending at the edges. If you are only wearing foundation over the pimple, fan the edges with a sponge to blend any trace of lines or edges. Apply an oil-free powder lightly with a very large makeup brush. This will set the makeup in place and will remove any shine, which can highlight your blemishes. Make sure to keep the powder light and blend it well to avoid a mask-like appearance to your skin. Thoroughly wash any sponges and brushes with face wash, rinse well, and let air dry. It is vital to clean your makeup tools to avoid transferring pimple producing oils and germs to your skin on the next use. If You Have Severe AcneIf you have severe, ongoing acne, you should consult a dermatologist for acne medications. You can also get advice on how best to use concealing products in conjunction with your medications. After all, the last thing you want to do is to render your treatments ineffective with your makeup. There are many special makeup products on the market that use silicon and other key ingredients to hide the redness and scars that are associated with severe acne. These products will help you be your confident best without hindering your prescription treatments. Most of all, they will make you happy with what you see in the mirror once again.

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